Queen Victoria Market

We finally made it to the Queen Victoria Market this weekend. I can’t believe it took me over a month to walk 15 minutes to a market full of bliss! Heaps of baskets full of fresh produce with a great organic section welcomes you into the food market. Stalls of cheeses and olives and fresh organic breads line the inside of the deli. The fish, poultry, and meat market has everything from Tasmanian salmon to blue crabs to any cut of meat you could dream up.

The market is also great for those cheap nick nacks you never knew you couldn’t live without (like a nail drying fan for $2!). Coffee and lunch? Yup, you can grab that too! Other stores filled with candles and aboriginal art line the northern perimeter of the market as well.

I can’t believe I didn’t bring my granny cart (I finally got one) to this amazing place! My nearly daily trips to Woolworths are ending here… I found my shopping place!

What’s for dinner? Well cheese and wine of course. It was reminiscent of the time Joe and I spent in London in January of 2007. One night, Joe got to the flat after work and I prepared a cheese platter of decadent creamy goodness that I picked up at the market. We sat down, opened a bottle of wine and Joe said, “thanks, this is great! What’s for dinner?” We’ve enjoyed many wine and cheese dinners ever since.