Hasta Luego… Saying goodbye

Who are we kidding? Goodbyes suck!

Hasta luego amigos!

We’ve been so fortunate to have incredible family and friends (who have become our family) to support us over the last 6.5 years in L.A. Some might think we’re crazy for saying goodbye to people who will run through mud with you, jump through fire with you (yes, you can do that at the Warrior Dash Mud Run too!), visit you in the hospital after a spinal cord injury (Joe was hurt in 2007 leaving him in a wheelchair… read more on his not so current blog), play along with your corny birthday themed parties, and travel cross-country (shout out to my North-West, Texas, and East Coast Girls and Family) for everything from a quick weekend getaway to full on wedding celebrations! Crazy for leaving? Maybe! I’m not denying. But think of the fun we’ll have when all these cool kids come to visit Australia!

Office family

I practically made myself sick telling friends and colleagues at work that I was off to my next great adventure. It isn’t every day you get to work with inspiring people who are also great friends! The thoughtful goodbye parties and parting gifts almost made me want to tell Joe to go without me. Yet, I knew I was so excited for what was up ahead. “Eye on the prize” I kept saying to remind myself of the reason these goodbyes are necessary.

Yoga, wine, chocolate, and goodbye

My mom and I established a new yearly tradition last year. Yoga retreat for the soul! One weekend out of the year that is just mom and me time (she’s kinda my bestie). Our first experience at Sagrada Wellness was so amazing that I knew we had to go back before our departure… we couldn’t risk having the yearly tradition die out after only one year! Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreat to the rescue once again… this time with a could not be more perfect yoga, wine, and chocolate retreat up near San Luis Obispo. The weekend was more than we could have asked for (despite the thunder, hale and lightning storms), filled with relaxing yoga, central coast valley wines, decadent organic chocolates, and most importantly some good bonding time before the daily after work calls to my mom become harder with the 15 hour time difference.

Bags are packed…

Weeks before the move people kept asking us if we were ready to go. “Are you packed yet?” Nope! We packed in about 48 hours! With the help of our nephew Shane…

Our Bella…

Joe’s parents, my dad who always flys out to wherever I’m moving to/from to help, a very experienced moving company (although my dad will claim — rightly so — that he could have done a better job), and lots of sticky notes, we went from livable house to empty house in two days.

With an empty house came an empty heart. Even the mail man yelled at me for moving out! “Why would you buy a house and make this ramp if you were planning on moving out of the country?” he asked. “Well, sir… we didn’t know…” oh, never mind… then I started asking myself the same question. We liquified our lives, sold our cars, rented out our house, sent our girls off to live in Texas with my parents (the doggie Aussie move isn’t looking good) hoping we made the right decision.

Sending the girls off on their road trip with my dad. Have a fun ride to Texas! Tear.

On a brighter side, my buds (the ones I was obsessed with seeing bloom before leaving) did pop up… just a couple of weeks before the move! I got to enjoy the daffodils and tulips right before packing up and saying goodbye to my spring garden for an inner city potted plant patio in the winter.

Yup, goodbyes suck! But at least this farewell is a true “hasta luego” and not a goodbye goodbye… we’ll be back in 2 years!