Auckland, the city that sleeps

On our way to our destination in land down under we decided to make a mini detour (and long layover) to Auckland, New Zealand. We’ve heard great things about the city and it did not¬†disappoint!

Our hotel room wasn’t ready when we arrived so we headed out to explore the city (fresh off the 14 hour flight in case those clothes look familiar)! The city is quiet, calm, and peaceful.¬†The coffee is so delicious it doesn’t need sugar. Trim latte please! The air is clean. The birds are out chirping. Even the cars and boats seem quiet going about their business.

Lounging port side in Auckland. Loving the oversized lounge chairs!

Have you ever heard of a parking/transportation authority doing a friendly anything? We can learn a lot from the Kiwis (the nickname given to people from New Zealand). Check this out! A “Friendly Reminder” from Auckland Transportation that the car’s registration is about to expire! I like it here!

Auckland’s Sky Tower

When in Rome… People say Auckland is a sleepy city, our second night here we took full advantage of the peace and quiet and decided to nap before dinner. A 20min nap at 6pm turned into 11 hours of sleep straight through the night. We intended to get up see the city from the sky tower after nightfall, but my eyelids felt like paperweights and there was no escaping the comfort of the pillow-top mattress and down duvet. Between a brief break from my dreams I whispered to Joe, let’s just get up early and watch the sunrise instead.

We definitely got the R&R we needed after the stress of planning for the move! Next stop… Melbourne!