vettieg is a an experience blog meant to capture the moments of adventure, good design, great food, practical solutions, and life stories of Joe and Ivette, a couple who moved from L.A. to Melbourne for a change of pace.

is out to explore the city life and confront the challenges that come with living in a wheelchair over seas.

IvetteĀ seeks to pursue her passions in yoga, design, and health while enjoying the “world’s most livable city”.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Joe & Ivette. Great blog. Wishing you a great adventure down under. Btw, I heard over BBC an interesting feature about hippotherapy. Australia is a horse country. I’m sure you’ve heard or even have tried it. Take care. Enjoy the journeys. God bless. Tito Mar & Tita Au

  2. Love your blog. I felt like I was in Melbourne and living your life. Here’s wishing you and Joe excellent health, happiness, and excitement in a new city. Missing you both already. Love you…Keep up with the blog its really neat seeing what is like to live in Melbourne. Maybe we will visit someday.

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