This is not (American) Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays back in the States. Since I was a little kid I’d get excited about dressing up as something different every year. This year was no exception. The Halloween culture as the US knows it hasn’t reached Australia in full force yet. Dressing up isn’t mainstream, so clearly my North American friends recruited our Australian and Irish friends and went all out anyway. The theme this year? Super heroes of course!

 Super Heroines!

Me as Black Widow from the Avengers

Joe as Professor X, also looking like a rasta man from the future

Strange stares and comments from people on the street reaffirmed that we were the odd balls here. Finding the only Halloween party around at the Espy Hotel was like the opposite of the Mean Girls Halloween party. In this case, it seemed that no one got the Halloween costume memo. Everyone was dressed half dead and creepy. Walking down the streets to escape the heavy metal and goblins galore, we were called sluts, turned away from a bar (the bouncer actually said, “Sorry, this is a private function”), and told by a homeless man to be careful with my guns. Although we made fighting the bad guys (in this case creepy costumes) fun, this was no American Halloween.

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