One month away, one month here

It is hard to believe we’ve been in Melbourne for a month! We left our house, our friends, our family, and our pups over a month ago. Coming home to a cold and empty apartment leaves things feeling very unsettled. I suppose it takes a while to rebuild everything we had back home, but I wish there was an easy way to pop-up our life, like one of those self erecting camping tents, but just in a different location.

Our shipment should arrive in another couple weeks, so I’ll have my pots, pans, and picture frames to make our new place feel a bit like our old. Living without the material comforts of home and being away from our families (friends included) means it’s just us… the hubs and I to bother each other, lean on each other, and grow closer as we figure out our new life. I am incredibly lucky to have my best friend beside me through it all and experience the frustrations and excitements together… and skype and google voice (p.s. U.S. friends, you can text my old number for free!) to stay connected to home.



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