The Great Road to the Ocean

We moved in to our apartment and not a moment too soon… Amy, one of my best buds and roomies from Notre Dame, made the trip down under to visit and win our first visitor award! Our first adventure together took us just outside of Melbourne down the Great Ocean Road. Our day-trip destination: Twelve Apostles, a collection of eight (not twelve as the name would lead you to believe) limestone rock stacks just offshore in the state of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road is indeed great… once you finally reach the ocean. As Joe as our navigator (I drove again!), we headed out of the city with an expectation of driving along the beautiful southern Aussie coast to the Twelve Apostles.  The drive to the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road took about 5.5 hours on a windy freeway in the rain. We were excited to see the sign, “Welcome to the Great Ocean Road” but dismayed to wait another 45 minutes before actually catching a glimpse of the great ocean.  We came to a consensus that the freeway might be more appropriately named the Great Road to the Ocean for the portion that takes you through a beautifully lush rain forest before hitting the coast. Well worth it nonetheless.


The Twelve Apostles are quite a breathtaking sight. Eight large limestone rocks stand in the middle of the ocean as if they were art pieces placed there by a designer. Harsh weather conditions eroded the limestone off the coast to form caves that eventually became arches, which then collapsed and left impressive rock formations standing up to 45 meters high (there’s that metric system again… about 150 feet).

In great Australian fashion, extreme hazard signs warn visitors of the dangers of unstable cliffs and falling to your death (they’re big on public safety here). I promise to blog on Aussie warning signs in the near future!

Our way back to Melbourne was not as great as our way out. We took the back road through the farmlands of Victoria. The cows and sheep seem happier here for some reason… must be all the lush grass and no cage thing they have going for them. A quicker way to make it back for another great dinner in the city.


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