Milk, eggs and blisters

Calling all New Yorker’s, San Franciscans, Bostonians… basically any of you most walkable cities residents! HOW DO YOU GROCERY SHOP??? No, seriously… how do you do it? A trip to the grocery store for me in LA consisted of driving my car to Trader Joe’s, walking out of the car, seeing the “Don’t forget your bags!” sign, walking back to my car to get the bags and then heading into the grocery store only to wheel out my cart full of goodies, put them in my trunk (or boot as the Aussies call it) and then drive home. Minimal bag carrying involved. Minimal steps involved. I would often challenge myself to carry all of the groceries into the house in one trip. That’s about as difficult as it got friends!

Melbourne is much different. Boy was I schooled on the grocery shopping technique sans car! I picked up as much as my little basket could fit thinking that if I could carry the basket around in the store my muscles could easily handle the walk back to the hotel.  Picked up some milk, eggs, bananas, some other essentials (yes, of course taking advantage and exploring the range of regional wines!)….

Checked out at the self check out stand (yikes these prices are painful), bagged my groceries (still have to get myself some reusable bags here) and walked to our temporary home in these cuties:

My shoes aren’t always the most comfortable, but I thought I’d change that since my new city requires a lot more walking than car dependent L.A. Look at that cushioned insole! Don’t they just scream comfort? Perfect for a cute but casual errand running trip? I thought so too, until 5 blocks later when I arrived back at the hotel waddling into the room with killer blisters on my feet and four plastic grocery bags cutting into my hands. I dropped the bags on the counter, kick the shoes off and collapsed on the floor. Ok… sorry for the drama. But I seriously remember whispering to myself “you can do it!” when I was only half way to the hotel. I eventually did manage to get it together and whip up the ingredients that had cause so much pain into a descent meal. I might need a granny cart after all.



3 thoughts on “Milk, eggs and blisters

  1. Hey Ivette, never went grocery shopping without a car in Melbourne, but when I did go, I took the train. A plus was that cousins always had cars too, but the train is fairly quick and convenient if you are near one or know where you’re going! Have you tried Vegemite yet? Quite an excellent source of Vitamin B(?) but definitely an acquired taste. Can’t wait to keep up with you all on your adventure in Oz.

  2. When I lived in Madrid, I was lucky to have a small supermarket across the street. The other alternatives: granny carts as you mentioned; a bike with a cute basket to store your groceries; shopping on a daily basis where you only buy one-to-two bags worth of groceries. The latter option seems time consuming, but it really helps you buy just the necessities and you end up buying the freshest fruits, veggies and produce!

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